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Kudos to the Kid

Kudos to the Kid

I just got to give kudos to my son, Brian (aka Bub). When
we visited my grandmother in the nursing home, he got to sit by our
Grandma (on the right) and next to Virginia (on the left) who we
didn’t know. Now most 16 year olds would have either ignored her or
hightailed it out of there, especially when Virginia told him over
and over he was good looking and that he needed to stay there with
her. She held his hands, she kissed his hands, and she offered him
her dinner. He was very polite and courteous to her. He even had
conversations with her. Truly a proud moment for this mamma. I told
him that he really made Virginia feel special by giving her a
little conversation. At one point, an aide came over and was in awe
be aide she said Virgjnia never used her right hand, but she sure
was using it to hold Brian’s hand. What I really thought was good
was she asked him who he though was the most good looking at the
table. His response was, “I think everyone here is equally good
looking.” 🙂 I swear I saw him growing up before my eyes. Truly,
after being heart broken over my Grandma’s rapid decline, his
empathy and genuineness with Virginia touched my heart. Even though
Asperger’s is supposed to remove the ability to read social
expressions, it doesn’t appear to remove the ability to read
another persons heart through their eyes. Of course there were
plenty of other characters there. It’s almost as good as a soap
opera in a nursing home sometimes, and they were lively that
night!! But truly proud of Bub for giving Virginia good
conversation. ♥